Take control. Be aware

It's when all is said & done it's you who fall and rise back again. It's you who believe, it's you who feel. It's you who decide

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Reach Out is an Institution aiming to provide Psychological Guidance, Education and Training in the field of Mental Health
Group of Counselors aiming to pass on their Knowledge and Expertise in the Area of Psychological Guidance, raising Awareness and Install hope about today's Psychological Problems, in addition to Educating & training fellow counselors/ Mental Health Practitioners with the Skills and Ethics needed.

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The journey of self-healing

it's not about that someone  you  go to when things get rough friend, family, therapist, partner. They can definitely influence you, inspire you, listen to you, guide you, laugh with you, cry with you and eventually understand or misunderstand you 

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Education & Training

The courses and programs outlines is designed for mental health professionals seeking to develop their theoretical knowledge, increasing their clinical expertise and following an Ethical framework regulating the Service provided to people.

Counseling & Guidance

Reach Out is providing one to one counseling and psychological Support covering the areas of Adult General Counseling, Children & Adolescence Counseling, Couple & Families Counseling, Prenatal Counseling, and Premarital Counseling

Support group of workshops

Reach Out is providing Group sessions & Support covering the areas of Adult, Children & Adolescence, Couple & Families, and Behavioral & School Support & Workshops, and Prenatal training & Premarital training

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