The following are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about studying at Reach Out

Will I be the one to select the courses to complete the required no. of credits; are there any mandatory courses to be taken?

All the classes are core except those of the specialization classes within the Master degree specialization terms, the students can choose which specialization and accordingly the classes are included, the students can choose to take extra elective classes included within this portfolio which will be counted as extra credit.

How do I communicate with my tutor, via e-mail or through the mail system? 

Via e-mail is the fastest and most reliable way.

I have completed a number of credits at another recognized college/university; can I transfer my credits in full to Reach Out Egypt?

Students may transfer at any time during their studies. All transfer students who intend to receive a degree from Reach Out Egypt must complete at least 15 credits at Reach Out Egypt.

Courses taken at another recognized institution will be accepted for credit toward degrees at the American University of London and are graded according to that institution’s grading system and are converted or equated to AUOL grades.

How will the research topic for my thesis be chosen? Are there some subjects, which the University recommends?  

The choice of research subject will be determined between you and your supervisor once you have been enrolled. Most supervisors would prefer you to choose a subject that is of particular interest to you.

How will I take my exams?

Exams (written assignments for most courses) are taken on a regular and on-going basis throughout the course. When an assignment is successfully submitted (pass mark is 65 %.) you move on to the next class, and so on until all classes are completed. If you fail an assignment (mark below 65%) you will take it again at the end of the program. Attendance to classes at Reach Out Egypt Facility located in the 5th Settlement is required.

How are you going to provide me with the study textbooks? If not, what if the book is not available?

Study Presentations, prepared by members’ of the academic department, are available to students for most classes and covering the entire syllabus of the program. These will be sent to you by e-mail. As for Textbooks, you can either buy it as e-book or hard copy from Amazon.com or check it at any of the recommended libraries by Reach Out Egypt.

Tutors and Instructors

Reach Out Egypt has numerous locally –based tutors who are specialists in your field of study/research/specialization.

How long it will take Reach Out to evaluate my application once you receive the completed, signed and dated application form, the CV, 2 photographs and the Application Fee?

Normally an application is processed within 7 days from receipt of documents and the student is notified immediately afterward.

Can I pay my fees by installments? 

Yes, fees may be paid by installments depending on what program you are pursuing and the duration, book an appointment with the financial coordinator to make your financial plan.

Do the fees include classes, books, study manuals, CDs, etc.? 

The prices included covers the classes fees, the presentations or any handouts, materials handed to students in the class. The fees don’t include books.



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