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The Story is..

I am Moushira Mamdouh, founder & CEO of Reach Out , Graduated from Faculty of Arts, Ain shams university, majoring in Mass & Communication.. The story of reach out goes back to 10 years ago when I started this path. my heart was filled with great deal of appetite and excitement for the human psychology, Asking myself A lot of questions. why do we act that way or the other? , how our life experiences & our reality is shaped by how we think or feel?, people around us and how they can be a bless and challenge at the same time, and a lot more. I was full of questions and I went for a quest for answers & I don’t think I would ever get enough 😊

All these thoughts triggered my hunger to study and learn about how we behave and our life experiences affect us. Then I went for a deeper cause, not only do I want to learn but also, I want all people around me to learn and educate themselves and be aware of who we really are and what we don’t know that we can do …!!!

“لَیس العلم ما حفظ، ِإنما العلم ما نفع”

About reachout

Our Mission is to provide Continuous & Effective Learning to Enhance Educational, Ethical & Professional standards in the profession of Counseling & Psychotherapy.

Reach out Is a member of the British Association of Counseling & Psychotherapy and following the Code of Ethics by the BACP Reach Out Egypt Is a private educational institution aiming to provide Psychological Guidance, education & Training in the Field of Mental Health.

Here comes the light of Reach out ..when we need help we Do Reach Out for help… My background as a student of counseling psychotherapy was my burning flame and gave me a great sense of the direction that I wanted to follow, and now I invite you to walk the distance with me. Started Reach Out Egypt following the BACP guidelines and requirements that identifies with great deal of details what is required to be fit to practice this delicate and honored role in people’s life.

My Dream Goal is to Assist and provide those who show a great deal of integrity and passion for the field and empowering them with the right knowledge, tools, and practice. My passion was to make Reach out as a unique educational & professional path for those willing to be a qualified therapists and There you go, My dream is coming true and so do you.

Take control... Be aware  

Our Educators

Why us

WE Are A Member of the British Association of Counseling & Psychotherapy

BACP is the leading Professional Association for members of the counseling Professions in the UK with more than 50,000 members. They work to promote the role and relevance of the counseling professions in improving psychological wellbeing and mental health and to develop safe, ethical, and competent practice.

Moushira Mamdouh

MBACP, Founder & Director

Counselor Psychotherapist member of the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy. She has been working with adults in nurseries, schools, hospitals, and private practice for the last 10 years.


Program Manager

Mona is a dedicated Psychotherapist and Life Coach. Holding a masters of Counseling and Psychotherapy from Reach out Egypt ( certificate in process) and MBA from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. 

Mostafa M. Kamel

UXer, Co-founder & IT manager

He has been working in the IT business for more than 15years, and as a UX expert, we developed a better understanding of how users/people behave and interact by learning Phycology.

Yasmine Farrag

Admin coordinator

As a hard-working student, Yasmine’s knowledge & interpersonal skills gives her the passion to start an early career with Reach Out as our Administrative Coordinator.

Mai Rabie

Operations Manager

10+ yrs of experience in human resources & operations. currently, a counselor dealing with couples and families on building healthy relationships & navigating life changes

Amira El Ammry

Financial Coordinator

Amira obtained an Engineering Bachelor’s degree from Cairo University. has managed to Achieve her Masters’s degree. Also Experienced as a knowledgeable financial

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