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Is a member of the British Association of Counseling & Psychotherapy and following the Code of Ethics by the BACP 

Reach Out Egypt Is a private educational institution aiming to provide Psychological Guidance, Education & Training in the Field of Mental Health.

Our Mission is providing Continuous & Effective Learning to Enhance the Educational, Ethical & Professional standards in the profession of Counseling & Psychotherapy.


The British Association of Counseling & Psychotherapy

The BACP in an accreditation body, a British organization which works on enhancing the quality of the Counseling & the Psychotherapy in UK and Internationally, they have a register database with the list of service providers “ Organizations and individuals” providing counseling & Psychotherapy services who meet specific standards professionally and ethically, they state that by those standards the entity of the person is fit to practice this professional

Counseling & Psychotherapy Education & Certification Program

Reach Out Egypt education program is designed to meet international Educational and Training standards for Counseling & Psychotherapy education.

This manual is intended to provide counseling & Psychotherapy students with the information needed to arrange and complete Academic & Non-Academic requirements within the program. It is recommended that students read and become familiar with this manual prior to the beginning of the Program. Any questions regarding the attached requirements should be directed to the Admission Department mail here or call +201061041216

Note: The Academic program is solely for the Theoretical & Clinical requirements needed for different type of professionals to work in the field of mental health, the career they choose is a matter of licensing &/or accreditation depending on the nature of the job, the laws controlling and managing that specific job as well as the body they will seek the license from.



Reach Out is an Institution aiming to provide Psychological Guidance, Education and Training in the field of Mental Health
Group of Counselors aiming to pass on their Knowledge and Expertise in the Area of Psychological Guidance, raising Awareness and Install hope about today's Psychological Problems, in addition to Educating and training fellow counselors/ Mental Health Practitioners with the Skills and Ethics needed.

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