Reem Deif

Counseling Psychologist

Reem Deif, counseling psychologist and PhD candidate in Global Public Health.

Menna Dakroury


Menna is a Psychiatrist, Counsellor Psychotherapist & certified Parent Educator.

Farida Eid

Counseling Psychologist

Farida is a member of the British Psychological society (BPS)

Mai Elwy

Counseling Psychologist

Mai Elwy is a Counseling Psychologist and a Psychology Professor at the American University in Cairo.

Moushira Mamdouh

Founder & Director of Reach Out Egypt

Moushira Mamdouh Founder & Director of Reach Out Egypt

Mona Shalaby

MBA, MSC in process, ACC

Mona is a dedicated Psychotherapist and Life/Relationship Coach.

Mirna Awad

Specializing in Cross-Cultural Counseling

Mirna Awad holds a MA in Counseling Psychology from the American University in Cairo

Radwa Waleed

Specialist psychiatrist

Dr. Radwa graduated from faculty of medicine with a master’s degree in neuropsychiatry.

Aya Hussein

Clinical Psychologist & Former Teaching Assistant

Dr. Suzan Nabil

Clinical Psychologist &Addiction Treatment

Specialized in All Therapy Assessments (Psychometric Assessments)

Eman Abbas

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Eman Abbas is currently acquiring a Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Mohamed Issa

Psychiatrist / & couple &Psychosexual Therapist

Mohamed is a psychiatrist & a sex therapist with a special interest & niche in Men Mental Health & Couple Therapy.

Omar Nafie

Family and Addictions Therapist

Omar Nafie worked over the past 20 years as a family and addictions therapist in a range of therapeutic settings both in Egypt and the UK

Omnia Azzazy

Psychiatry and Neuroscience Professor

Ph.D. & MSC in psychiatry and neuroscience from The Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University

Yasmine Farouk

Founder & Managing Director of ALTC

Yasmine is Founder & Managing Director of ALTC With over 15 years of experience and a master's degree in psychology with rich knowledge of psychology, coaching, and brain sciences.

Kareem Darwish

Consultant Neuropsychiatry

Specialty Psychiatry doctor in Greater Manchester Mental health- Trust

Ehab Yousef

Eclectic Psychotherapist

Ehab is an eclectic psychotherapist who applies process-based CBT, psychodynamics, and other evidence-based treatments.

Amira Makhlouf

Educational Psychologist

Holds an M.Ed. in Education and Human Development from Harvard University.

Sherine Khalil

Clinical Psychologist

A graduate of the faculty of arts, psychology department, Cairo University, and a holder of a clinical psychology diploma from Cairo University.

Dr. Hossam El Khateeb

General Adult Psychiatrist

Specializes in general adult psychiatry, liaison, marital and old age psychiatry.

Lara Sarhan


An adept psychotherapist with an MSc in, Psychotherapy from Middlesex University, UK, and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology