Introduction to psychology (Yasmin Farouk)

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Program Information

This module is designed educate the importance of critical and scientific thinking in psychology & also provide a comprehensive overview of the scientific study of thought and behavior. It explores topics such as perception, learning, memory, and emotions.

Some of the topics that will be covered during this module are the biological integration in the social sciences and the various research methods.

During the introduction to psychology module, you will get to learn about the history of psychology.

Degree Level and Specializations

Reach Out program offers an Advanced Level in Counseling and Psychotherapy – equivalent to a master’s degree – and hosts the following specializations:

1.General Adult Counseling
2. School, Children & Adolescence Counseling
3. Couples & Family Counseling

About our Program

The academic program is solely for the theoretical and clinical requirements needed for
different types of professionals to work in the field of mental health. The career they choose
is a matter of licensing and/or accreditation based on the nature of the job, the laws in
place that are governing that specific job as well as the licensure body they will seek the
license from.

About the BACP

BACP is the leading professional association for members of the counseling professions in
the United Kingdom with more than 50,000 members. They work to promote the role and
relevance of the counseling professions in improving psychological wellbeing and mental
health and to develop safe, ethical, and competent practice. The BACP is an accreditation
body working on enhancing the quality of the counseling and psychotherapy in the UK
and internationally; they have a register database with the list of service providers “organizations and individuals” providing counseling and psychotherapy services who meet specific standards professionally. They declare that by adhering to those standards the entity
of the person is fit to practice this profession.

BACP accreditation schemes aim to recognize the achievement of high standards of
knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy. They help clients, employers, practitioners, and students to make an informed decision when choosing
a therapist, service, or training course. To apply, you must be able to demonstrate that you
meet the required standards and complete a rigorous application and assessment process. All our accreditation schemes require current and ongoing membership of BACP.

Program Details

Diploma level of Counseling & Psychotherapy

The Diploma Level requires the fulfillment of the below number of hours in the duration
of two academic years

Requirements Number of Hours
Education Hours 240
Clinical Internship 150
Professional Development 40
Supervision Hours 20
Personal Therapy 20

Advanced Diploma of Counseling & Psychotherapy

The advanced completion requires the fulfillment of the below number of hours in a duration of four academic years, with a general final exam post the completion of modules.
Dates of the general exam are to be announced to graduating students ahead of time by
Reach Out’s Student Advisor.

Requirements Number of Hours
Education Hours 450
Clinical Internship 200
Professional Development 80
Supervision Hours 40
Personal Therapy 40

Yasmine Farouk

Yasmine is Founder & Managing Director of ALTC With over 15 years of experience and a master’s degree in psychology with rich knowledge of psychology, coaching, and brain sciences. Yasmine Farouk provides a remarkable learning experience for her learners. Studies at The School of Applied Functional Medicine SAFM Coach·2020 – Present, Yasmine  Studied Master’s of Arts in Psychology – ABA at California Southern University, MA in Psychology·2015 – 2018, Yasmine also Studied at Lifestyle Prescriptions University, and recognized as a Faculty Member Certified LP Instructor & Master Practitioner, Yasmine has achieved Distinguished Trainer Award at Institute of Leadership and Management School year 2011, and managed to complete Professional Coaching at World Coach Institute as well as a Certified Professional Coach & Family Counseling at University of Sharjah Family Counselor ,