Introduction To Psychology

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This course instructs various aspects of Psychology such as the concept of What Is Psychology, Theories of Personality, Sensation and Perception, Thinking and Intelligence. Additionally, you’ll learn about different topics like Learning and Conditioning which covers Psychological Disorders & Approaches to Treatment and Therapy. Also, you’ll be introduced to the subjects of Regulating Emotions, stress & Health and The Major Motives of Life: Food, Love, Sex, and Work. Lastly, you’ll gain knowledge about Neurons, Hormones, and the Brain, Body Rhythms, and Mental States.

The utilized textbook effectively demonstrates the significance of scientific and critical thinking in decision-making. In a clear and engaging manner, this edition genuinely incorporates the factors of gender, culture, and ethnicity. By the end of the course, students will be adept in interpreting research and effectively dealing with and resolving disputes. The authors responsible for this book are CAROLE WADE & Carol Tavris.”

CAROLE WADE  earned her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology at Stanford University. The author has a long-standing interest in making psychology accessible to students and the general public. In particular, it focuses on the teaching and promotion of critical-thinking skills, diversity issues, and the enhancement of undergraduate education in psychology. 

Carol Tavris earned her Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary program in social psychology at the University of Michigan.. This Module is designed to educate the public about the importance of critical and scientific thinking in psychology. its an informative Text book it breaks down what goes on in the minds of humans and the conditioning of animals in addition to various scientists work in a sequence, their depths of thoughts, reactions and processes. It brings up to light the advances that have been made to keep up with the change in times and minds, while validating the work done earlier.